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The Wood Frog

Occasionally, I like to sit down with the Nature program. Then evening it was about frogs. I really know nothing about frogs.

I was totally amazed that a frog could freeze solid in the winter and thaw in the spring to live another season. I had no clue that was even possible. (My husband said everyone knows that.) I did not.

*These frogs live in the northern most parts of North America

*This frog eats insects, algae, worms, , amphibious eggs, molluscs and larvae. Yumm!

*Wood frogs grow to lengths of around 1.4 to 3 inches.

*They will protect themselves with camouflage coloring.

*Wood frogs make a high shrill noise that makes some preditors avoid them.

The show that I watched actually showed a picture of them freezing and then thawing. If you have never seen I would look it up on the Nature program. You can watch it online.

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