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The walking track that takes you to the dream world

Whenever we think of land conservation, saving electricity is first an important factor for which new initiatives are also being taken around the world. Today I will talk about Poland where a unique track for cycling and pedestrians has been created which shine at night.

Everyone who watches this cycling track in Poland goes into the world of dreams because such a shining is only visible to humans in dreams. This unique cycling track in Poland is located in a village near Lake Velikovsky, where the cycling track is redesigned in such a way that it starts to shine as it gets dark.

The track has been developed by TPA, a European company that has been tested for the winter, to see how well it is doing. This cycling track is charged all day with the help of the sun, after which the track starts to shine with a beautiful blue glow.

European company head says, we created this track with a special synthetic ingredient that absorbs the sun’s energy in the daytime, and releases the accumulated energy as a blue light at night. This cycling track is an environmentally friendly track that helps keep pedestrians and cyclists safe.

The company says that our main objective is to help prevent road accidents and with this track, pedestrians and cyclists can travel safely on separate routes. Be clear that many people in Poland ride bicycles and darkness causes a lot of bicycle accidents.

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