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The title of my new book is: “El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis”

The title of my new book is to be “El Cumpleaños de Natalie Davis” (“The birthday of Natalie Davis” in English). This is the second part of a novel I published last year “El Verano de Natalie Davis”, (“The summer of Natalie Davis” in English.).This is my fourth book overall.

The end of El Verano de Natalie Davis was very open and to say the truth I always wanted a second part. Indeed, I started writing the second part immediately. (I am posing with a copy of El Verano de Natalie Davis in the picture)

This new book is a short novel but the end is more complete. The positive thing is that I have created characters that can last a lot and can star new adventures.

The manuscript is approved and ready to be published, in fact, the book should be published this October

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    Do you want to read El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis??

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    • I prefer to be dead than to read it
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    Are you excited to know Halcombe has a new book ready??

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    • I hate Halcombe


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      • They speak Spanish as well, and it’s easier to break through in their markets instead of in Spain unless FC Barcelona or Real Madrid gives you the money to make the movie. South Americans really love books. El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires is one of the largest bookstores in the world.

  1. Thats awesome. As I said before in one of my comments to your post, before the end of the year I will purchase one of your books (starting with the first published book).

  2. Congrats !
    I really like to read books, I will do my best to find your editions.
    May I ask you for a little excerpt from your book, please ?