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The Symbol of Carol Tree Sycamore

This is a symbol of Bulgarian mythology for the maple tree in the courtyard of Carol. She devoted two posts to him.

the maple tree is a marvelous tree, under whose shadow St. Nicholas is sleeping, and St. Nedelya awakes him. Saddle at a fountain as a memorial. Maybe because it came from a young boy, turned into a sycamore after parting with a girl. It reminds of the magical connection that our people make between plants and humans.

Under the shadow of a maple, every mortal can lie without fear of evil forces and illnesses. From a maple, a shepherd, a shepherd’s kaval (“whistle whistle”), a wedding cup from which the kum gives to the newlyweds, the bucket with which the bride will bring water for the first time, and which alone can keep the bride from dragonflies and self-possessions.

In folk medicine is used against toothache.

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