The sure-footed Peppie

I marvel how our cats jump around places covering  heights without disturbing anything around. Here is Peppie right on top of that shelf that has loosely placed marble pieces.  I watched how gently he climbed up without disturbing a thing. 

And with the same dexterity he climbed down. They are 5 of them.  Two older ones only come for food and leave. I really do not know where they go.  But the other three  – the littlest one, Munni and Peppie stay and watching their pranks make my day. 

They are sent out for the night as we are not sure if they will dirty the place in the night.  They must grow before we can let them stay in the night. 

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Written by grace


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  1. Cats are very agile and can even climb high into trees. The thing that surprised me that most when I first began living in Florida is that my cat Sid had spent his life climbing apple and oak trees. He had never seen a palm tree yet, had learned how to climb into a palm tree and sit there. I really miss him.

  2. Can you see where Peppie is? Not easy to get there. A slight shift here and there those expensive marble pieces will topple down but Peppie knows how.

    All cats of the universe are the same including yours (lol)

  3. I think animals are amazing. I have a cat and never know where I will find her. The other day I saw her laying on a bookshelf up high. I just had to smile. She is very entertaining. I laugh when I think she is funny and she just gives me a look.

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