Aunt and niece

The joy of seeing our pet cats get along makes my day.  That is Munni and Baby.  Munni is Pinkie’s little one and Baby is Kittie’s kitten.  Munni is the niece and Baby is the Aunt although Munnie is older.

We have 5 cats that we feed. Kiittie and Pinkie just come for their feed and leave and I do not know where they go.  Lolly our tomcat left us a long time ago.

Peppie is the sole tomcat now and he is growing well,  taking care of everyone around.  He is the gentlest, mildest and loving cat I have seen in a while next to Lolly. I only hope he too does not leave us. 

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  1. What a pretty pair they make. My cat Runt is an orange polydactyl cat about 7 years old. Being neutered he does not wander too far and he amuses us with his antics. Pets are just as important as children as they bring joy and respite from busy days… Runt says hi to Munnie and Baby…

    • Munnie is my friend’s name. She gave me permission to use that name(lol).. Munniw lives in Canada.

      Cats are such a source of joy. But I cannot do any surgery on my cats as they do not let us touch them to do the after care.


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