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The silence of the city – Birds and animals taking over

When there are too many people in the parks, it is hard to see the birds sitting on the lower branches and enjoying pecking on the favorite buds and blooms. However, with less  or no humans moving about there are more birds seen sitting on the walkways and lower branches of the trees.

Yesterday as we drove to the get some proscription medication we noticed birds sitting on the java cassia tress and enjoying the buds. Squirrels and pigeons were walking on the roads as we drove past. Cows and goats have also been seen walking around. These are not normal sights in our city.

I noticed that there were some bee eaters in our garden this morning. I have never seen them here except on  the high tension wires along the highways. Sadly these birds flew away as I came up the stairs into my terrace garden.

The sound of bird calls and song is increasing in the mornings. I am enjoying the silence of the city and the song of the birds, although we did hear an ambulance siren early this morning. This could mean that Covid 19 is closer to us than we thought or it could just be someone getting really sick with nothing contagious.  I hope my second assumption  is right.

Stay indoors Stay safe!

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  1. And in the park next to my home they are now enjoying bird songs. Here, all ambulances put the lights and sirens together at 7:30 pm and go around the streets. People applaud them from the terraces.

    • I have read your post on that, I see the people applauding in the news. Sadly more than 13% of health workers in Spain are infected by the disease. The toll is climbing like crazy. Please take care, stay safe.

  2. This time of year the birds make quite a racket in my yard and I enjoy every minute of it. The parks here are still busy with people takign walks even though we are all careful to keep a safe distance.

    • We had a peacock fly into our neighborhood I am told. I haven’t seen any in our neighborhood anytime in the last few decades.
      So you still have people walking around freely. Stay safe, stay home.


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