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The scent can restore old memories

According to research , Scent not only can change our memory process, but it can also rekindle old and forgotten memories. There has been an assumption about this for years that says old memories can be refreshed and restored through perfume. However, there was no empirical evidence.

Experts have learned by now that a part of the brain “hippocampus” plays a central role in creating new memories and as long as these memories are in the hippocampus, they are full of details and “colorful” in a way. 

However, after some time, these memories migrate to the “prefrontal cortex” in the front of the brain, where they usually work during sleep. After going through this process, the memories are firmly in our minds but they lose their color and detail.

Similarly, if the hippocampus is affected, memory is affected, as is often seen in Alzheimer’s disease patients. The question to the experts was, can the scent solve this condition? And if so, how does the scent affect our brain?

The research was conducted on rats, which resulted that scent can refresh our memories and it can also rekindle old and forgotten memories

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