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The Phenomenon Of Reflection ~ Thursday Reflections

Harley Davidson is indeed a big motorbike! So big that it can load at once a car, palm tree, sky, fence, several people at once, including an amateur photographer.

Maybe you don’t believe it, but it’s real! If you don’t believe, that’s your problem! You may just try to prove me wrong by paying close attention to that picture. Try wrinkling your forehead, squinting your eyes, gazing closely… if necessary, use a magnifying glass! But if you still don’t see it, once again it’s your problem, not me! Hahaha…

Yes! Indeed, all of that was only a reflection, and it was indeed difficult to see well and concluded as objects because everything reflected in various parts of the vehicle with its various forms.

Maybe you are not interested or disagree if I say that it describes well the phenomenon of reflection of various essential things in our entire lives. Reflection of true truth, balance, life wisdom, natural law, the essence of life, and even the life itself. The problem is the same as the picture above, we find it difficult to see because we see with the way we see and what we just want to see.

  • So, do we really know what our real problem is?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. My answer to the question is yes. And if you have problem with my answer, that is not my trouble but yours. ??

    I will not underestimate the capacity of a bike because I have seen how Vietnamese people transport different things and stuff with just that vehicle few years ago. Of course, there is regulation now but it was one charm of Vietnam that holds great fascination for me.

    That said, yes, the reflections were evident if one is nearsighted like me ???

    • People who answer yes surely are people who understand our weaknesses as human beings to see and understand the essential things of life. So, I have no problem with that, instead, I have jumped up and down with joy for they know what to do then.

      Oh… I am not at all surprised by the ability of a bicycle that can carry many items at once, and that is the reality of Asia, as you have seen in Vietnam.

      Don’t take my question too seriously of what is visible or not in the picture for there is too much junk joke in the writing.

      • I know some of it is joke. But it does not mean I cannot poke it a bit as a joke too ???. I suppose you know which part is truth and which part is false in my comments. Just the pixie in me. It is often misunderstood but… ???

        • Isn’t that also the truth? That many people (maybe we are too) live with prejudice and are too sensitive? or that we must be like gods who can ensure that our jokes will not offend others because they feel insulted?

          • Yeah. It is the snowflake age ?.

            The gods ensure not to offend? How about the cosmic joke, my friend and brother? Isn’t it “annoying” that we do not know for certain which is dream and which is illusion?

          • My forgetting to include humor is entirely your fault, dear brother, because you mentioned gods who ensure not to offend?. So there, blame it on Albert Herdianto Widjojo or should I use the whole lot of name? ????

          • A teaching in Buddhism said that one must maintain a good perception of the other at all times. In that principle, I will not judge Albert’s trustworthiness. I think that Universe sends us people either to serve as our reflection that we may see ourselves in them; or as our contrast that we may see the qualities we need to cultivate.

            A cerewet knows what a cerewet wants and why the cerewet wants it. At the same time, the cerewet knows whether the cerewet must take or leave what the cerewet wants. That applies to sifting thru shenanigans in order to get the wisdom out of the message brought by the messenger. And by now, I am quite sure any grammar teacher would cringe at the number of times I used cerewet ???

        • In short, the conclusion is that you are good students of universe school and are able to find keys and open the doors of wisdom. If you are in Shaolin, you will definitely be appointed as an assistant to the Supreme Master.

          • Whether I am a good student or not, I cannot be certain. I am sure I am an smartass though ??? and prolly the Supreme Master will always kick me in the butt for my irreverence ?. I grew up watching Shaolin movies and went to China thinking I would see little monks doing kungfu in every corner ? boy, was I not disappointed! Not a single monk to behold ?

    • Something that I can’t even drive for I’m so thin!
      Not wanting to see means cannot see, then, what happens if we don’t see what’s in front of us? Maybe we will slip because of stepping on the banana skin… Hehehe…

  2. Yes, I believe our problem is many of us are not open minded enough to see all aspects of our lives as it really is…. reality.

    Great looking bike by the way. Very cool.