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The futility of a mere up vote here at Virily

I get loads of notifications informing me that well meaning users have up voted my posts.

While I do appreciate the efforts put in I just want to say that a mere up vote benefits no one not even the one who spends time to up vote.

I am not sure whether Virily benefits when a user merely up votes a post without opening it. 

For earning virils one should view the post and if in a mood go further and respond.  Just viewing also generates virils. One needs to open the post and not just click on that up vote icon one sees on the bottom left corner without opening the post. I have circled it red in my image.

Most users here know this rule but this is for those who do not and particularly new users. One newbie up voted well over hundred of my posts (lol).

  • Did you know a mere up vote generates no virils?

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Written by grace

I have been writing for various sites some of which have disappeared.  I have several interests including writing, photography, gardening, reaching out, cooking.  I have a blog which needs a bit of revamping and when I get some time I will go there and do justice.

I love people and have been responsible for getting together several groups such as class mates, seniors, orphaned kids and family

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    • If you read comments here you will see that up voting a post is possible without viewing it I got about 100 up votes and none of those posts were opened. It is only when we open a post can one get views and earnings.

      If you go to ‘Latest’ in the drop down Menu Tab there you will find posts with up vote and down vote arrows on the bottom left side Just click on it and that is when an up vote is created without opening the post.

      • Given that someone liked a post of your without opening it, would it make you less productive? Would it make a deduction on your earnings? Besides, that person might not even be asking you to visit his or her posts. Why would you fret over little things like that? As if someone had caused you much trouble because he/she liked a post without opening it.

        I don’t mean to offend you but as a writer, we must be responsible for what we post on the web. You shouldn’t be posting rants and complaints anywhere on the web. It only shows that you are too concerned about the views and the like or whatever you may call it.

        • I am more than satisfied with the meaningful comments I have received here and none of them have offended me. That is how an interaction should be.
          And as far as your comment is concerned that is your view w but I will stick to mine.
          I was amused however when you say that you do not mean to offend me
          Have a nice day.

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