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The Friday in Black and White – From darkness to light!

With all the changes on Virily, this Friday was at first black! A lot of confusion, a lot of headaches. While browsing Virili, I felt like in a maze, trying to reach the light. It wasn’t easy to click on each button and see what I find. But do you know what? I like what I found! So, in the end, my Friday was in Black and White, not only in Black!!As usual I will post a black and white photo today. It does not have much to do with the text but it is the photograph that best represents how it was today on Virily….. From darkness to light!

 I share this picture with The Friday in Black and White.  

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. I love the photo and I am still getting used to things. I hate that I cannot edit my posts and people have been asking me if I had problems with my latest quiz but how can I know if I cannot look at it myself after its been published, It will take some time to get everything just right here,


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