The cover image poll

It is a new month and that means a new cover image. But that’s just my way, do you also update your cover image on a schedule? Let’s find out!

  • Do you update your cover image on a schedule

    • Yes, every month
    • Yes, but on a different schedule
    • No, I only update when I have a strong image
    • No, I still have the same image that I started with
    • No, I’ve never even bothered to upload a cover image…
  • Do you like it when other users change their cover images?

    • Yes, it keeps things fresh
    • No, I wish you had kept my favorite image
    • No, and I think your clamoring for attention is pathetic
  • Are you inspired to update your cover image?

    • Yes, I am totally going to do that now
    • No, I don’t want to make an effort
    • No, I will do the opposite of whatever you do

What do you think?

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