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The Big Burly Warrior Chink Cares

WRITERS DAILY,  January — Novelist Milly Coulter polled yesterday,  Is  name ‘Chink’ for a  big burly warrior offensive to Asians?’

“Millions of Asian readers of your soon-to-be published book?” a reporter asked at the Writers Daily Conference.

Milly Coulter explained,  “You see, I’ve grown to love my main character over the years I’ve come to know my sweet burly warrior.  I evidently did intensive research about 15th century BC and AD centuries on kings and warriors and vikings.”

So, Coulter knows so much that the WIP group censorship at the November writers gig don’t know about, she later told us, “I’m afraid to offend anyone at the Writers Daily Conference.”

Chinky Swan Lee, among the 14% voted “NO. Chink is not Derogatory“. And she commented with the intent to inspire fellow writer,  Milly Coulter,  “Most certainly NOT a derogatory name! Keep”Chink” . Chink for your big burly warrior! Go Chink! Go Chink! Go Chink! I’m interested and excited to know how this big burly warrior develops his sweet-on-the-inside character.”

Outraged 86% that voted “YES”. It is Derogatory and Offensive. Should be changed  gasped for lost air aggressively doubled down on the ‘bully’ Chinky Swan Lee,  said to her, “You shouldn’t be even talking to colored people that way, if I were you!”  Some couldn’t contain themselves and threw wild emojis of shocked and angry faces at fellow-writer Chinky Lee.

Author Chinky Swan Lee,  frustrated,  told us at the Writers Daily, “Why am I told how to think, how to talk, what to write in this group of aspiring novelists I had hoped to be a part of?” Lee added, “And the group has imposed on her (Coulter) to change her character’s name from Chink to Clink, or Clank, or Chaynk  (I love my name, Chinky Lee, by the way), to some thing  ‘not derogatory with a racial slur‘? “

Chinky Lee’s comment got deleted. Removed from further commenting in the group. She was told that she violated the rules, “she’s a bully and she’s inciting hate speech” according to the writers group Lee was a part of.

“So, I wrote to my fellow author personally,  ‘Please pardon me for sending my deleted comment to your PM. I had read your entire OP. Your loved character is a fantasy “big burly warrior in the medieval times where Asia never exists” I honestly find your character interesting.  I wonder if the writer of Hiccup on How to Train Your Dragon will be next to be questioned for some reason?  Anyway, I wish you great success in the launch of your novel! Thanks.”

Thank you for reading this satire. Written based on true events.

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    • Thank you. Thanks to the characters that played so well in this news story. 😀

      It’s never too late. A favorite lady blogger of mine published her first 2 books at 90. She’s 94 now and still so bright and smart. Her third book was published later.

      See? It’s never too late for us. 🙂

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