Tech Wiz still talking about Micro-Personal Micro-Grids :-)

Portable. It is an interesting word. First off it is not something that cloud service providers like to talk about. AWS, Azure, IBM, Google, and Oracle want you to put workloads in the cloud, and leave them there. Portable, however, for the concept of a micro-personal micro-grid is critical. The value of such an addition is your ability to work anywhere. It empowers you to, as they say, talks longer and not worry. You can create this via a battery, but batteries have to be charged before they are used. With personal power production, you can generate the power from the resources you have. That is incredibly powerful. That said, portable is a relative term, Put it in a backpack? It better be something you can carry.

The other thing when building your micro-personal micro-grid is to consider what you need to change. For me, the quick answer is I change three things. My headset, my phone, and my portable projector. All three of these items actually can be charged via a USB cable. That said, my portable solar array has both USB, DC and AC plug outputs. It is probably overkilled. I also have an emergency jump start battery in all family cars. Those batteries can also be used for emergency electronic charging. You don’t want to overuse the emergency batteries, however, because you want them to have power when you need them. Now, the portable solar system I have weights 12 pounds, that is something to consider!

The two other generation systems I Have to weigh less but have limits. Solar power works as long as the sun is up. Not as much power is generated when it is cloudy, but you still get power. Wind turbines do require wind, although if you are in a car or boat, you can change devices while you are moving (the wind is created by the motion). Water turbines require moving water, making that also a bit of a need.  You cannot tow a water turbine behind a powerboat; you will cause problems for the water turbine. It becomes a balancing act over time that you have to consider. The need for power is always critical, when you need it, but not always something we plan for. Having portable power available makes a huge difference!

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  • If you were carrying a backpack how much is too much weight?

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    • Less than 10 pounds
    • Less than 20 pounds
    • Less than 30 pounds
    • More than 30 pounds.
  • What else do you carry in your backpack (if you have one)

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