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Tech Wiz review OpenROV Trident!

The first ROV we got was the OpenROV trident. We had an OpenROV product previously and felt like their customer service was top notch. This time we were looking for ease of use, simple and well plug and play. For the most part previously ROV’s were sent as kits or partially assembled. The Trident from OpenROV comes fully assembled.

  • We also got an android based controller for the ROV. It is a fully functioning android tablet that allows you to have an Android gaming platform. Nice!
  • We got a 100-foot tether. I realize that we are often in water deeper than 100 feet, but honestly, we will seldom be stopping to use the ROV in the bay, in deeper water.

First of all the product is easy to use. Having the joystick and the Android tablet makes navigation a lot easier. The tablet has a full display of what the ROV sees. We started in shallow water (no one, Edie Brickell fans, threw us in).

  • My wife does not want to put the ROV into Bay water (dirty).
  • Little Seneca Lake is only a 3 mile run from our house.

Shallow water worked well other than the fact that we fouled the propellers with all the greenery. It took a good five minutes when we were done to clean off the propellors.

There are three distinct propellers. Two that propel the Trident forward and backward. They worked very well; we were easily able to pull away from shore. The third propeller allows the Trident to go up and down. The Trident is naturally buoyant in fresh water (and includes weights for saltwater so it will be neutral buoyancy in salt water as well).

Overall my rating for the OpenROV trident is a 10 out of 10!

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