Tech Wiz on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (recap)

Recapping the explosion recently of AR/VR technology I wanted again to talk about some of the cool functions the new technology brings. For AR/VR two components are incredibly interesting. The area of education andAR< is one that intrigues me. Astro Reality ships you an application (on your tablet or phone). They also ship you a part of the solar system. When you point the application at the object, you get information. The classroom of tomorrow could embed textbooks all around the room providing children with AR readers. AstroReality has done a wonderful job with their overall products. I love their moon, footprint (Neil Armstrong on the moon) and the Solar System.

Hololens from Microsoft is another foray into the AR world. In particular, using the integration of the Hololens with your companies parts and repairs systems to provide better more effective customer service. One of the things many companies struggle with is how do we spread out experts out as thinly as possible to impact the most customer’s. With Hololens you can provide all techs with the expertise of the top experts. When the tech struggles, you can connect to their Hololens stream and see what they see live. It gives companies the ability to share repeatable known good solutions to common problems. As the devices move into the field, you will see more and more opportunities for the interactive support!

In the VR space, Oculus has two products in the field right now, and both are very interesting. The original product was a crowdfunding project (Oculus Rift) and then released after Oculusthe company was purchased by Facebook. The different between A (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual reality) is that with AR you are looking at what is actually around you, with additional information about what you are seeing added virtually. Virtual reality isn’t real, but you can experience a created environment. The new product from Oculus is the GO headset. The Oculus Go is a portable all-in-one integrated VR headset. Rift requires a PC connected, Go you can literally use on the Go. The ever-increasing reality of what is possible amazes me.

AR/VR is coming!

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    • I agree Alex, although I would argue that it is time we reconsider the NSF program of the 1960’s, The dawn of the space race also brought the NSF grants programs. We could argue that the greatest rise in US test scores and that program are linked. The NSF program started in 1961 along with the Peace Corps. By 1968 the first group of those graduates were teaching and our test scores were rising.

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