Tech Wiz 2018 in review. 2019 what is coming!

A recap of technology from 2018 on this the last day of 2018 and my big technology trends for 2019!

First off the tech that arrived in 2018.

  1. Keecker – amazing home entertainment device.
  2. Loomo – the next version of the Segway includes a Robot that works with you!
  3. Capsule – what a great small, portable projector
  4. Ravean – heated jackets are the best winter addition since, well the first winter!
  5. Goovis personal theater – awesome device
  6. Oculus Go – VR for the rest of us!
  7. AstroReality – simply put the universe in your hands!
  8. Think Board X – whiteboard everywhere!
  9. iPhone XS – 512 gig of RAM means I can take everything with me!
  10. Apple Watch Series 4- what a great upgrade!

Those are the impact technologies for me; there are other technologies that are shipping or are available that I haven’t tried, or that didn’t make my top 10 list. Please note that these are also not in order. Depending on the day of the week, the temperature outside and other things, the list changes. The next year is going to be interesting, in part because I believe things are going to pull back a bit. I also believe that 2019 is the year of connected devices.

  1. IoT – any form, 2019 is truly the year of connection. More and more connected devices are going to arrive.
  2. Software Defined – more and more things will be defined and controlled within the software. Either via AI (Artificial Intelligence) or ML (Machine Learning).
  3. Networks – after being ignored the past few years the year of connection will force the attention to be paid to the network!
    1. Home networks will continue to evolve
    2. Enterprise networks will begin strongly evaluating and deploying Software Defined Networks.
  4. Security – more and more organizations are going to realize that end to end security is critical. This will encompass not only increased remote security but also a much better understanding of the network between the endpoint and the enterprise.
    1. If I know what should be on a network, it is easy to spot abnormalities.
    2. Security shouldn’t start at the enterprise firewall.
  5. The explosion of AR/VR from content to use the AR/VR reality is going to explode in 2018.

Now, if we look at my ten shipping, you’ll notice that the ten shipping drive the five future trends. There are more areas where the driving will occur. The 360 camera world will drive AR and VR. The reality of software-defined – fill in the blank – will help organizations better empower their workforce as well as help homes as they add more and more connected devices.

Thanks for the past year of reading.

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