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Taking a mom break

There was a Waldorf Homeschool Co-op quite near to where I stay and they were having a sharing session on Sunday morning. One of my friends is interested in finding out more about how the Co-op goes, so I attended the sharing session together with her.

I became a stay-at-home mom when my eldest was about 2 years old. It’s been almost 9 years, and since then, I have always been my kids almost all the time. I attended a few classes throughout these few years while my husband was taking care of the kids. Every time after the classes, I quickly went home.

I planned to take a short break this time since my youngest is already 3 years old and I think I really need a short break. I went for breakfast with my friend, after the 3 hour sharing session, we went for lunch too. I was 6 hours away from my kids. It’s actually quite rare for me. When I came home, my three kids came to the gate and welcomed me. My daughter even made me some gifts.

I am planning to take another break, perhaps at the end of the year. I am thinking of watching a movie, either alone or finding some mom friends to watch with me. I haven’t been watching a movie in the cinema for perhaps 7 years. I think it’s really good for a mom, especially stay-at-home mom to take a break.

What would you like to do when you are taking a break?

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    Do you think taking a break is important for everyone?

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    What would you like to do when you are taking a break?

    • Hang out with friends
    • Watch a movie
    • Read a book
    • Play games
    • Enjoy a drink alone in the cafe
    • Others (please state it in the comment)


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        • Yes, though I do enjoy some me-time in the early morning when the kids are still sleeping, I still need to “be prepared” as one of my kids might get up in the middle of the night, especially my youngest. That’s why I think I really took a break when I attended the sharing session as I was away from home and I can totally be free from “taking care of kids” for a few hours. 😀

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