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Take a Guess – The Alphabet Challenge

Is it possible for you to guess the letter I am on right now from this picture ?  Well  its not the bird, it  has to with the way the branches are arranged.  I’ll give you a cue, I am  somewhere in the middle of the alphabets.  Take a guess .

It was quite early in the morning when I took this picture. There were three crows sitting on the top of the tree and probably having a chat or planning how to go about the day.  Just as I was about to get this shot one flew away. So he is right at the edge of this picture.

Crows have disappeared from our world. We hardly see or hear crows these days. Once they were all over the place.  All we see now are pigeons.

If you still didn’t guess the alphabet it is N.

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    Where you able to guess the alphabet I am on?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you see a lot of crows where you live?

    • All the time
    • Very rarely
    • No crows here
    • Sometimes


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