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“…That decided it and someone pulled out a small battery-operated radio and they all sang along with songs they knew. Then there is was – rustle, rustle, growl, grump growl. It seemed to be coming closer to the circle they had formed by the campfire. By now everyone was sitting facing the tall grass because no one wanted to have their backs to it. Rustle, rustle, growl, growl, grump. Everyone’s eyes seemed very large as they looked at one another. Some rock and roll group was trying to sing louder than the noise in the grass but no one cared anymore. Rustle, rustle, growl, growl, grump….” See the complete story by RasmaSandra.

And, the story continues:

Rustle, rustle, growl, growl, grump. Everyone was holding their breath because they didn’t want to miss what or who is going to come out of the tall grass. The air was filled with tension. Finally, the most adorable view was in front of their eyes: a baby deer barely as tall as the tall grass. 

Some birds were still scared, but others rushed to see the baby deer closely. It was a cute and friendly deer that probably got lost. The birds offered it ice cream, but one wise bird said that they should first give it water. They started looking for the water, and they suddenly realized that while everyone was busy with the baby deer, Malice had disappeared…

I pick Dawn to continue the story.

Find links to each part of the story until now here or see the rules here.


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Written by ellie925

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    • I have to share a quick story that this picture reminded me of. I was driving the kids to school one day, and this baby deer, just this size. New born, was wobbling on the side of the road. The mother had been hit by a car. I thought I would rescue the little guy. I went and picked him up. He proceeded to tear me apart with his hooves. He was like trying to hold a cat over water. I quickly let him down, and called animal control. Bruised and battered I was, the deer was rescued, bottle fed and released.

      • Thank you so much, Kim, and thanks for coming up with such fun challenges!

        Poor baby didn’t realize you are helping him. It’s wonderful that the deer get rescued thanks to you! Did you have a chance to see him after he was rescued?

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