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Ellie was there with her dessert and had got all caught up in the story as well. She sensed that perhaps it was time to try the dessert and perhaps someone would be brave enough to see what was in the tall grass. Perhaps it was just the name Malice that had made such a delightful part turn into an adventure, or perhaps there was something REALLY, scary in that grass. As you know Ellie is quite clever and her dessert was all ready for the party-goers to participate. She had filled cans with the ingredients to make ice cream. They put the small cans with the ingredients inside the larger can and packed the ice. The game of kicking the cans would surly break the tension and perhaps a leader would come forward to find out just who or what was in that tall grass. They began kicking the cans.

Was how @Ghostwriter finished her part of the story and you can read it here

So now I continue:

Before anyone knew what was going on the dusk had arrived. Everyone was full of ice cream and filled with imagination and still wondering what was in that tall grass. The problem now was that no one wanted to break up the fun times they were having and decided that a campfire would keep them together longer. At first, they seemed reluctant to sit out there in the dark but thinking of having hot dogs and marshmallows cooking on long sticks made them decide.

When all the wood was gathered and it took quite a while because no one wanted to walk through that tall grass and they all went around it. Finally, the fire was flickering and two long logs had been brought and they had comfortable seating. They were trying to decide between telling ghost stories or singing songs when the rustling became much louder and it seemed that there was a low growling sound as well.

That decided it and someone pulled out a small battery-operated radio and they all sang along with songs they knew. Then there is was – rustle, rustle, growl, grump growl. It seemed to be coming closer to the circle they had formed by the campfire. By now everyone was sitting facing the tall grass because no one wanted to have their backs to it. Rustle, rustle, growl, growl, grump. Everyone’s eyes seemed very large as they looked at one another. Some rock and roll group was trying to sing louder than the noise in the grass but no one cared anymore. Rustle, rustle, growl, growl, grump….

Please tell us what happens next @ellie925 


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