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Swattin' Flies

This morning I pulled out a folder that contains all the letters and notes that my Mom had written to me over the years. Many times she mailed them to me, even when we lived in the same house. She also left them on my pillow, my dinner plate, slipped them is my luggage a backpack.

Occasionally I reach into the folder and randomly draw out something to read.  It is always emotional and I am always amazed as to how she knew what I needed to hear. She was an amazing woman then and an amazing spirit now.

The letter I pulled out today was about swattin’ flies. I am willing to share the amazing story and lesson with anyone who wants to hear it. For my non viliarian friends who are here, answer the pole and leave a comment on my blog. For those on the site you can just answer the poll and leave your name in comment if you want me to send it to you through message.

I am grateful every day for that exceptional woman who I was luck enough to call Mom who was wise enough to talk to me about “swattin’ flies”. 

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  1. my assumption is the philosophy around swatting flies is more than simply the process of using a fly swatter.

    I am really curious what wisdom your mother had in that…Please do share!