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Sunset Tree Spotlight

Snapped this sunset from the deck yesterday. The sunset tree is still trying to get its leaves back. The pin oak is in most of my sunset photos. And the leaves will return soon. There were lots of clouds as we have rain in the forecast.

The clouds make the sunset beautiful and interesting in my opinion. You never know what the colors will be or the cloud formations. Each one is unique.

Uniqueness is what makes you the most beautiful. ~Lea Michele


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    We are all different and unique, thank goodness, right!

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    Maybe you feel like all the other people in the world, agree?

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Written by Carol DM


  1. The clouds too, they look like they’re circling around the tree!
    In fact everything looks like they’re surrounding/circling the tree!!

    This photo is so magical!!

    • So kind of you, I was so afraid the contraction was going to block my views for the sunset but I can still see it from my deck, thank goodness. This was a magical sunset.

  2. I love the view. Whenever I traveled home from the office, I oftentimes see some beautiful cloud formations, especially along the sea. Though I couldn’t take pictures of those. It’s good to see beautiful pictures around.