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Street Life / gun down

While I may not be using this pose, it is probably worthwhile to decide on the postwork technique I will be using for the final piece. As per usual, I am using the same naming convention to avoid confusion

  • which treatment do you prefer?

    • raw
    • No
    • perimeter line
    • spotty


What do you think?

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  1. The name of this work is pretty cool. Street Life is also one of the best jazz songs ever made. It’s sung by Randy Crawford. The song is definitely on YouTube.

  2. I went for Early Evening, also known as No, because I don’t get why her buddy would light up during the day. They’re all nice though.
    I’m looking forward other poses, as many as the weapon allows. ?

  3. I picked the No one, cause the Yes one leg looked too shiny, which I say is not natural looking. The darker one looked more natural.