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Stay responsible not only for yourself but for others too

Viruses can spread quickly, they do not target people by nationality, religion, beliefs, borders do not apply to them. There have already been cases in the history of the world where diseases have eradicated a significant portion of humanity. The black plague in the fourteenth century in Europe wiped out 80% of the population in the south and up to two-thirds of the population in the remainder, with a third of humanity dying in the Middle East.

It is also a global problem, and the means and preparation to tackle it must also be global. The failure of states to cooperate and, at the same time, effectively coordinate the pandemic in 2020 is evident. We must survive and learn from past mistakes.

In China, meanwhile, the situation is improving day by day. And that is great news. But the rest of the world does not manage to cope with the virus.

The last replacement hospital in Wuhan has closed a couple of days ago, with hospitals of this type being installed in stadiums, schools, exhibition centers, and other larger spaces. The Chinese government is taking various incentives to try to put the country back on the rails.

But all of us in the rest of the world is still in obscurity what will happen tomorrow, how many our compatriots will die, and how many will survive.

I am glad that I refused to go on a trip to Vietnam. There will be a better time to do it. I very hope. And now we all have to be conscious and responsible, to preserve our families and people around us and not spread the virus.

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  1. Yes, I think we should be responsible not only for ourselves, but the whole society as well. Though we do not need to be fear, we should still be cautious and apply certain necessary actions in order to avoid being infected. It’s not so good for tourism, but I also think it’s not a good time to travel.

    • I agree. I do not understand those who travel now. Even if you are young and not at risk, you have parents and grandparents who are at bigger risk for sure or just other people we can meet on our way.

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