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Starting New Hobbies or Picking Up The Old One?

During the quarantine, we spend more time at home than we usually did. With the extra time that we have obviously we need to find something to do while spending our time at home. Doing your hobbies become one of the life saviors to prevent you from boredom while staying at home.

I saw some of my friends take advantage of staying at home by starting new hobbies. There are those who start to learn how to cook or baking and share their cook daily on Instagram. Some of my friends start to enjoy coloring for an adult. I also have a friend who starts playing around with makeup and posting several of her creations and it was awesome.

For me, staying at home helps me to pick up my old hobbies. I’m catching up with my reading after I fell into a reading slump at the beginning of this year. I already finished six books in April and I’m still in a good mood to read more. I also want to start the coloring again and finish some pages that still in working progress.

How about you? How do you spend your time during this pandemic?

Have you starting new hobbies or picking up the old one?

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  1. I picked up some of my old hobbies and a new one too. I found an interior design app game and now I am hooked, haha. 😅 Some people I know use the time to think of some new businesses ideas accommodating this new lifestyle and market.

  2. The lockdown has not affected me in any way and I have enough activities to keep me occupied. I do not socialise much,

    In a way there are good things we see on account of COVID-19


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