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Star Gooseberry

Star Gooseberry (botanical name Phyllanthus acidus) is a tart, juicy fruit as the name suggests. The fruits are small, borne in clusters all along the branches. These fruits are extremely sour and juicy, that the very thought of it simulates the production of saliva in your mouth, like the Pavlovian dog. These light green fruits grow behind our home, but no one even bothers to collect them. They ripen and fall to the ground.

Star gooseberries  are made into sweet and spicy pickles , vine, jams, squashes sometimes the ripe berries are eaten with a dusting of salt and chilly flakes. I have also been told that they make tasty sweet sauces. I collected a bag of these fruits last year and made some vine out of it. It tasted almost like the grape vine I make, but I liked the fresh flavor of the berries in the vine.

This year they are just falling to the ground and I hope someone will take them. Even the squirrels and birds seem to avoid these berries because of their sour taste. Each time I eat these berries I get a throat infection (I am very prone to throat infections). I can only drink the vine, but I don’t drink wine regularly, no one at home does either. If no one comes to pick them I might try making a squash out of it. It is too much work as I need to remove the pit for each of these tiny fruits.

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