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Spread Too Thin ~ Choices Sept 1st

There are times I feel that by my own fault, I spread myself too thin. I take on too many projects or am not organized enough. Or it could be that I come up with what needs to be done, but I don’t schedule the time it takes to do the task.

Here is the experiment and it begins tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is a shorter work day for me so that might help with the time to evaluate how this system worked. So the chores and allotted times are listed below.

3:30 am – Get up, get dressed, make coffee, prepare for work

4:00 am – Make toast, take medication, check on Bro

4:30 am – Log into the computer, check emails, post any prepared items.

4:55 am – Sign into work

7:30 am – 15 minute break (morning stretches)

7:45 am Back to work

9:00 am  Log out

9:30 am write for 30 minutes

10:00 take dishes upstairs, Take care of Bro

So let’s see if setting the time asside helps  things to move along.

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    Doyou set asside specific times to do things?

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  1. Spreading yourself too thin is always counter productive in the end. I tried it and broke down from the stress if it.

    I’m glad you’re taking the time to give yourself some free time. Lol

  2. I like this! I have always been reading “time blocking” does help us to manage our time, or stay focused. Sometimes I do this, but most of the time, I am just too lazy. I have my focus of the day, and then I am trying to work on what I want to get done in the day, but I get distracted easily, especially when I am sitting in front of my computer. I am planning to work hard on staying focused this month.

    Good luck in your new attempt! Hope this works out for you.

  3. Often depends on external influences for me. I have to consider my husband, because I can make all the plans but he is bound to disrupt it.
    If I compromise with him, it usually works but in order to do that have to keep him organised

    I am taking into account he has a disability and that he cant be left alone as he does 2 things, gets depressed or self destructs.

    so I make sure he gets out and now arranging things for him to improve his health.