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Spanish Father Jailed for reading Son’s letter with out permission

Spain : Spanish court sentenced father for two year imprisonment for reading son’s letter with out permission.The letter was written by aunt for child, In which it was informed about the family abusive case against the child’s father, but father had read the son’s letter without his permission.

In the Spanish court, the case was heard in which the court sentenced the child father to 2 years imprisonment and financial compensation for violating his child’s privacy.

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  • You agreed child privacy should be protected ?

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  • Do you think father have right to read child’s letter with out permission ?

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  1. I’ve mixed feelings about this …
    If that is the law, then well he knew he would be punished if he decide to read the letters …
    just that it seems a little harsh if the child is young and immature…
    if it’s a grown child or a teen then I’ll say the father need to learn to respect child privacy

  2. There is a lot of gray area here. You can only protect a child if you know what is happening. I notice that no age is listed in the post and that could make a big difference in my answer. Do you know how old the child was when this happened?

  3. Hmm i just read this story earlier today and wondered where we are coming to.. but on second thoughts I guess the aunt was keeping the child informed so he can be wary of the father and the father sneaked in. In a normal situation that would have been fine I guess.

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