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I often ask myself if I understand anything about love. I could not say that I had so many relationships to become am expert of this feeling.

But there are many more forms of love. And I know them to the point of pain: burning, peaceful, pleasant, receding, blooming, withering love

I absolutely loved the sport. Then, my first professional love. Long, strong relationship with my husband that I call a true love… That romantic sentimental nebula that always follows my life.

I have always loved music. At one time, I wanted to visit music school, and made my pillow wet when I was told that I have not enough good audition for that. But I thank the universe for having ears, I can hear those melodic wonders every day.

My love of cinema has evolved from friend zone to true romance over the years. For that quality movie that twitch emotions and feelings, and touching heart how only a loved one can touch.

I honestly love my current job. Not the one we agree to work for money.  And the one which spreads the hopes and dreams, which awakens the heart, lets forget the existence of time, gives you the opportunity to dive and just work. Create.

And no, it’s not a swan song for a sinking ship of romantic love. It is a reminder of how many colors and parts fit into love, how much it forms in our lives.

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