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Some curiosities about dogs

Dogs are fantastic animals, of a rare intelligence in the animal kingdom, which makes them loyal partners for the humans. They accompany us everywhere without asking too much in return. However, we do not know too much about dogs.Here are a few things I learned about dogs observing Maya:1. Dreaming just like people. You have certainly noticed how your dog moves his eyelids and his lice while he is asleep. Well, then it’s in the process of dreaming!2. Eat both meat and vegetable, so dogs can be considered omnivorous3. They have a very developed smell. The area in the brain responsible for the smell is 40 times bigger than the human.4. When they are sleeping, dogs cover their nose with the tail to warm it in the cold season.5. They have very well developed hearing6. Fears of loud noises like fireworks and thunderA less known thing I’ve learned since Maya lives in my house is that dog’s nose is the equivalent of human fingerprints – Every nose is unique, there are no two identical.Surely there are many more exciting and interesting things about the canine world, but the rest will let you discover them at your companion.?

 This is a picture I have taken during my walk on the Ialomita Valley. Maya loves to sit on these stones but never wants to swim!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. I figured that my sister’s dog who is a mixed Black Lab and Rottweiler would make jerky movement when was sleeping meant that she was having a dream. What I know of dogs is be nice to them and they will repay you in kind.

  2. Yes I remember reading that about their nose as uniquely their fingerprints. I remember Tasha when she was dreaming. Sometimes she twitched her eyelids, or have jerky movements of her legs and occasionally whimper and even emit a low bark. One thing that she absolutely hated with a passion was hot air balloons. I do not know if it was the smell of the hydrogen gas, or the hissing of the gas or the colors of the balloons but I remember that she barked very noisily and angrily at them especially during the hot air balloon festival. But I still miss her and her antics to this day.

    • Maya dreams very often and has the same manifestations as Tasha, moving her legs and her eyelids. It’s funny that sometimes she’s snoring very hard, just like humans!? Maya most hates the fireworks. We live in a place where many events take place, ending with fireworks. Then it’s a mess for her and for us. She gets tense, bruises, shakes, and almost can not breathe. It’s awful!


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