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Solar Eclipse 09:55pm today and Precautions

Solar Eclipse will take place at 09:55 pm today and this Solar Eclipse will end on 3rd July 11: 55 am. The Solar Eclipse can be seen in Chile and Argentina before sunset, In some areas of Pacific and South America, Solar Eclipse will be seen, while Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay will have partly Solar Eclipse.

Full Solar Eclipse can be seen in an area approximately 370 years later and stay up to 7 minutes 7 second, however partial Solar Eclipse can be seen several times in the year.

The most unique complete Solar Eclipse of human history was on 11th August 1999. According to local stories in Kenya, Solar Eclipse occurs during the moon when the moon begins to eat the sun.

People who want to take selfie during the Solar Eclipse should avoid it, because according to the eyes specialist, Selfie from cell phone during Solar Eclipse may prove dangerous.

Precautions during Solar Eclipse :-

  • Avoid taking Selfie
  • Do not wear sun glasses.
  • Avoid carrying computer CD in the sunlight.
  • Avoid carrying Health X-Rays in the sunlight.
  • Use special glasses during Solar Eclipse.
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