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Society norms take us round the bend

Society has set norms which one is expected to follow.  My question has always been who sets those norms and why should one follow them if they just do not make one comfortable.

As long as the way we live does not hurt another sky is the limit to adopt and adapt.  Thinking out of the box is the way to go.

It is sad to see people going backwards to stick to society norms.  A wedding for example has to be celebrated with all pomp and glory and for this there are some who take loans and lament later.  Strange also is how family gets importance at functions who otherwise are not in one’s life and those who really care are relegated to the background.  Traditions are yet another bane that those who have no courage to think out of the box follow them at any cost.

I have no qualms about thinking out of the box.  I am spiritual and so do not believe in rituals. I do not attend social functions such as weddings and parties as they bore me but I love to organise them.

I am closer to the virtual world than the real one.  I have drifted from family as each one is buried in their own world.  The virtual world sees me interacting with those who share my interests.

I never upgrade gadgets unless they help me save my time and not because there are additional features.  No one optimises the use of their gadgets. Several features are not touched.  It is just to be in the in crowd that they upgrade their gadgets.

I wear what makes me comfortable which means I do not follow fashions. In fact I am a trend setter

I only follow traditions if I enjoy them and not because society has set them.  I have no qualms about sitting alone in a restaurant and enjoy my meal.

Any thoughts to share?

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