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Sky Sunday ~ Walk with a beautiful view

I took this picture during this afternoon walk. The weather was worse, a little rain, a little sun ….

The rainbow has always attracted people’s attention with its incredible beauty and singularity.

If you take five different colors, boldly draw a semicircle of ribbon one after another in the blue sky, we get something like a rainbow.

It seems like a rainbow to be described in different ways. But any observer can find similarities phenomenon. First, it’s always a little bow. At best – on half-rings, each of which rests on the tip of the floor. The ancients worshiped this phenomenon, it is considered a special “sign”. Of course, it was so that everyone knew what a rainbow looked like so as not to miss this heavenly “message”. And now, what to admit, people are happy to admire this phenomenon. Although they say it is a sign of happiness to loved ones. Rainbow is compared to the “yoke of heaven”, bridge, gate, and so on. It comes “out of nowhere”.

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  1. The last time I saw it was late last year. It looked so close but as always, beautiful to behold. Reminds of the Bible’s message that it acts as a reminder God will not destroy the world with water again.


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