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Sky Sunday ~ How do high temperatures affect our health?

We have had very high temperatures in recent days. I do not tolerate heat well so I avoid it.

Although doctors’ warnings about excessive temperatures seem excessive to us, they can seriously endanger our health. No need to panic, but still, be responsible for your body.

More and more people are experiencing health problems due to high temperatures.

The most common problems are:

Sunburn is a type of heatstroke that starts with a severe headache and high body temperature. The skin is dry and the temperature is rising. Vomiting and hearing loss may also occur.

Thermal collapse occurs due to high temperatures, overheating, and dehydration of the organism. It is recognized by excessive sweating, cold and damp skin, and a weak heartbeat. Dizziness and loss of consciousness often occur in this condition.

A more complicated consequence of fever is heat cramps, which, in addition to the symptoms of collapse, also cause muscle cramps. This is usually a signal to the body that it has not gotten enough salt, as in addition to water, the body also loses this during sweating.

An even more severe disorder than heat cramps is heat exhaustion caused by too long exposure to the sun. The consequences of such exhaustion, however, are not so mild, as they can impair the functioning of the central nervous system, which can lead to vomiting and delirium.

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  1. It is funny, i grew up going to Wisconsin in the winter (lots of snow) then we moved to Thailand. When we first got there, I couldn’t deal with the heat.

    Now i don’t like heat on principle, but i can handle it.


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