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Sky Sunday ~ A basic human trait

Kindness seems to be purely out of fashion. That it is more a matter of etiquette than the human spirit. Precisely because it is a simple virtue that, say, Montaigne said costs nothing and buys everything. But already every amateur psychiatrist would be able to say that unkindness is a characteristic of insecure people who are afraid of both their incompetence and other people.

People often envy others their success, money, fame, but in fact what we truly and unconsciously envy the most to someone else is kindness, because kindness is the clearest indicator that someone is happy with their life, that the name is beautiful. to enjoy himself and others.

  • Do you often “encounter” unkindness?

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  1. Kindness is a big word to understand in our mind, sometimes, but it is easier to feel in our hearts.

    We know when somebody is being kind to us, but we sometimes, in our minds, do not appreciate what the kindness approach to others is really all about.

    What is kindness?

    I think that kindness is the inner shell of love, not its outer shell, which must be cracked first, sometimes.

    We all need to crack love’s outer shell to be reborn into living love, with its kindness running in us then too, rather than us continuing to wear only our outer shell of hardness.

      • Yes, I think that we do have kindness within us, but sometimes, we are hesitant, afraid, not sure how best to apply it, uncertain of the reaction that we might get.

        At least, I am like that, because kindness can be relative a bit too.

        What I see as kindness, maybe someone from another culture might see as, “over-mothering”.

          • That’s true; I am a bit too timid to blaze forth in kindness too, at times.

            Yes, and we can’t be so “kind” that we help the old lady across the road, when she didn’t want to cross over either…lol…we need to be kind in their way, usually too.

  2. I have not been out to encounter anyone so I don’t know how people are today. However, I think that with all that has happened in the world lately there are many unhappy people and they take it out on anyone they can so I don’t think there are too many kind people anymore,

  3. There are many unhappy people in the world. That is unfortunate. Often times that unhappiness spills over to those they come in contact with. I had to unfriend someone recently online due to negative behavior. We had been friends for a long time but she started changing and I had to distance myself. Very sad when this happens.

    The world needs kindness more now than ever! Thanks for sharing this post.

    • You are right. There are more and more unhappy people in the world. Some know how to help themselves. Unfortunately, others pass the misfortune on to others. I also had to distance myself from some friends. It’s sad but they didn’t want my advice.


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