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Should I charge?

I am a freelance web developer though I don’t work very often. I created a website for a client last year. He kept asking for changes even the website was completed and payment was done. I did help him to make the changes as those were minor ones.

I just received a list of change request and it seems like it requires a total website revamp. He did not only ask for content change, but also the design and structure change. If I would do it, I will have to change the whole thing, and it’s already like a new project.

I think I have enough of helping the client out with everything free of charge. I just told him I will charge him for a new project cost if I am going to make those changes. I am not sure if I am too bad, but I just don’t feel like working on this or dealing with this client anymore. He has been quite demanding.


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  • Do you think I should charge the client with the changes?

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    • No
  • Have you met difficult clients before?

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  1. you need a contract which states what you will do. the client signs off on a design and then you code the design. any changes the client makes after that are billable. I used to make about as much on changes as I did on the original site itself…

    don’t make changes for free unless you screwed up. otherwise your client will keep making changes forever because it costs them nothing. start billing and see how fast these important change requests become unimportant…

  2. The balance as a consultant between customer service and charging is hard.

    Legally, you made some changes (cosmetic) for free.
    The business assumed you would continue.

    I think the best thing you could do is sit down and explain the reality of the expected changes, how much it will cost them.

    The other side of just charge them is if you do that, you may lose a long term customer.

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