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Should I charge?

I am a freelance web developer though I don’t work very often. I created a website for a client last year. He kept asking for changes even the website was completed and payment was done. I did help him to make the changes as those were minor ones.

I just received a list of change request and it seems like it requires a total website revamp. He did not only ask for content change, but also the design and structure change. If I would do it, I will have to change the whole thing, and it’s already like a new project.

I think I have enough of helping the client out with everything free of charge. I just told him I will charge him for a new project cost if I am going to make those changes. I am not sure if I am too bad, but I just don’t feel like working on this or dealing with this client anymore. He has been quite demanding.


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    Do you think I should charge the client with the changes?

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    Have you met difficult clients before?

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