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There are always two ways after the storms of life.

One of them is to become cynical and angry, the second is a person who loves life even more and shares goodness with others.

You can think that you are being punished, abused and therefore walking on this earth with a heart full of revenge. And you can realize that you are still loved and therefore taught to become a noble person, even if it seems painful. And it all depends only on your attitude and choice.

Anger and the sorrows of the past poison the soul. Slowly burns a person from within and he dies slowly. It can go on for eternity and be very painful. This is the path that leads to the dark abyss from which there is no way back.

Only forgiveness, reconciliation, and acceptance will free you from suffering. The words – “If someone hits you – turn the other cheek” take on an unprecedented meaning. Gets those who have already tried anger, revenge, and resistance and experienced the disastrous consequences of all this.

After all the experiences, a new saying is born – If someone hits you – hug that person! Because he is very unhappy now and he urgently needs love! 

There are always two ways … When it comes time to choose – choose the one that Love would choose.

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