I’m Still Here Now

I came upon a silent spot.

The road was hedged; the trees behind were high.

The sun winked once, then left the catatonic sky,

And roses came from Hades with their wounds,

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And mouths were dry.

I wetted mine, I cried

Between the battled boughs and leaf-inserried trees,

But all I heard were echoes,

Echoes, echoes, these, and then I saw

A vision in that silent spot.

I knew I saw a warrior-girl.

Her hair was dark, her eyes were fire

Carved out of furious indignation and desire.

I stared. I hardly knew the place

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So wild and furious was I to pursue that face!

“You fool!” she shouted.

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In the shivering acres, vines

Were falling, knotting, falling.

She had gone! “I’ll get

Revenge!” I shouted; “I will not forget.”

I’m still here now (so many months go by).

The violets bloom.

I bend across their pools. I watch

My face. It faces me.

I contemplate no chase.

(from a collection of poems called “The Light Of Day” to be published towards the end of this year)


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Written by Jonathan Finch

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