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Shadows Saturday ~ Very useful trees

Trees are plants with a woody stem called the trunk. They differ in their bark, leaves, and fruits. The wood of the trees varies in color, hardness, and density. Trees are a very important part of nature and our lives, but unfortunately, we are not aware of it. This year, I was especially pleased that the place where I spend my vacation is full of trees. This means that there are also many shadows where we can “hide”. And I just needed a lot of shadows because of health problems I had to “hide” in the shadows.

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  1. This picture brings back so many wonderful memories of growing up along the coast.

    A priceless treasure is –
    A home away from home
    Right by the ocean side,
    Summer days and nights,
    Strong trees rooted in beach sand,
    A little rest in a nest
    What else can be better?

    Thank you for sharing this post.

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