Serie A poll ~ 7/5/20

After watching fireworks all night yesterday evening, you now have time to relax and to watch some Serie A matches.  The best in Italy have seven games on tap for today.  Here is a look at the schedule.

Bologna at Inter Milan – 11:15 AM EST (ESPN+).

Atalanta at Cagliari – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN+).

Fiorentina at Parma – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN2).

Genoa at Udinese – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN+).

Hellas Verona at Brescia – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN+).

SPAL at Sampdoria – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN+).

Roma at Napoli – 3:45 PM EST (ESPN+).

ESPN needs to find a new scheduler because the match being shown on TV is between Fiorentina and Parma.  Although this is a good match, the big match of the day is between Roma and Napoli, but that game is only on the streaming option.  The greed in the options for viewing all sports needs to stop, but it will continue.

If you are wondering what SPAL means, then I looked it up.  SPAL stands for Societa Polisportiva Ars et Labor.  That means the Society of Sports Club for Art and Labor.  Well, they need to pick up their art and labor on the club because they are in 19th place.

  • Question of

    Inter Milan or Bologna?

    • Inter Milan
    • Bologna
  • Question of

    Cagliari or Atalanta?

    • Cagliari
    • Atalanta
  • Question of

    Parma or Fiorentina?

    • Parma
    • Fiorentina
  • Question of

    Udinese or Genoa?

    • Udinese
    • Genoa
  • Question of

    Brescia or Hellas Verona?

    • Brescia
    • Hellas Verona
  • Question of

    Sampdoria or SPAL?

    • Sampdoria
    • SPAL
  • Question of

    Napoli or Roma?

    • Napoli
    • Roma


What do you think?

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  1. Napoli will win. I watched Bilbao vs Madrid yesterday. What a boring match!”!! The worst is Real Madrid won with another goal by Ramos (another penalty). Barcelona clearly won bu perhaps it is too late for Barca. Xavi Hernández will not be the coach the next season.

    • Athletic parks the bus now and plays like Atletico Madrid since Aduriz is about to retire. Does anyone like Sergio Ramos? He said that he wasn’t arrogant because he plays a team sport like futbol instead of an individual sport like tennis. Xavi did the right thing to stay away from Barcelona right now.

      • Real Zaragoza lost again yesterday. They have lost 3 matches in a row. They only needed one draw in these last 3 matches to be near the First Division. This is horrible. Many people like Ramos in Madrid. He is married to a Television presenter and they are a sort of celebrities. They say they even had plastic surgery. A footballer who embraces plastic surgery?? AWFUL.

  2. Atlanta defeated Cagliari 1-0. Sampdoria won 3-0 over SPAL. Udinese and Genoa played to a 2-2 draw with Genoa really needing that point. Brescia really, really needed points and won 2-0 over Hellas Verona. Fiorentina defeated Parma 2-1.

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