Serie A poll ~ 7/8/20

The Serie A has provided for you a six-pack of games for today in Italy.  Let’s take a look at the schedule.

Cagliari at Fiorentina – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN2).

Napoli at Genoa – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN+).

Brescia at Torino – 3:45 PM EST (ESPN+).

Parma at Roma – 3:45 PM EST (ESPN+).

Sampdoria at Atalanta – 3:45 PM EST (ESPN+).

Sassuolo at Bologna – 3:45 PM EST (ESPN2).

In regards to standings, Genoa needs a win or a tie against Napoli in order to escape the relegation zone.  ESPN2 will be showing a decent doubleheader with Cagliari against Fiorentina and Sassuolo against Bologna.

  • Question of

    Fiorentina or Cagliari?

    • Fiorentina
    • Cagliari
  • Question of

    Genoa or Napoli?

    • Genoa
    • Napoli
  • Question of

    Torino or Brescia?

    • Torino
    • Brescia
  • Question of

    Roma or Parma?

    • Roma
    • Parma
  • Question of

    Atalanta or Sampdoria?

    • Atalanta
    • Sampdoria
  • Question of

    Bologna or Sassuolo?

    • Bolgona
    • Sassuolo


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