Atalanta scored seven goals again!


Atalanta went on the road and defeated Lecce 7-2 in Serie A action on Sunday afternoon at the Stadio Comunale Via del Mare in Lecce.  Fortunately, this match was not cancelled due to the coronavirus because these two teams are located in southern Italy instead of in northern Italy which is quarantined.

This is the third time this season that Atalanta has scored seven goals in one game.  If you like goals, then watch the video.  

The scoring began in the 17th minute with an own goal off of an Atalanta corner kick.  Five minutes later, Lecce did not learn from their defending debacle by letting Duvan Zapata scored off of a corner kick.  Nevertheless, Lecce persisted and scored the next two goal to put the game at a 2-2 deadlock at halftime.

Then, Atalanta did not show any mercy by scoring five goals in the second half.  Zapata ended up with a hat trick.  Atalanta remains in 4th place while Lecce remains three points away from the relegation zone.


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  1. Incredible score. The thing is that in the following weeks, 4 Italian teams are going to play in Spain. Sevilla, Getafe, Barcelona and Valencia have to play against Italian teams and the north of Italy is one of the worst parts in the world right now as they heavily have Coronavirus so Spain can be similarly a country to avoid soon. I have seen that people in the United States are not buying/drinking Corona beer. This is funny. The company says they are going to lose 10 percent of profits because people are so scared that are afraid of the word Corona so they are not drinking Corona beer. Did you watch Real Madrid against Barcelona yesterday???’

    • I didn’t watch El Clasico because I would have to pay extra to watch the match behind a subscription paywall. Zidane should have been playing Mariano more during the season so that Benzema could get some rest. Then, he doesn’t play Jovic a lot either. Some Americans are so dumb because they thought that the Corona beer had coronavirus. Those Europa League and Champions League may be postponed because Serie A matches have already been postponed. I just watched the Lakers yesterday

      • Watching the Lakers now must be great. I would love to see Lebron in the finals again. I love the NBA but I prefer to wait until the playoffs start to see the games. Yes, you are right, Mariano should have played more. Jovic is worse than Mariano. But Europa League and Champions League games cannot be postponed because there are not more days available, what they are perhaps doing is to play without people in the stadiums. Clubs are going to lose money but at least Coronavirus will not get stronger.

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