Serie A poll ~ 7/12/20

The Italian Serie A is not playing around today with a six-pack of games for Sunday.  There is even an ESPN doubleheader nestled in the schedule which we will take a look at right now.  Unfortunately, ESPN put the most important match on ESPN+.

SPAL at Genoa – 11:15 AM EST (ESPN).

Bologna at Parma – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN).

Hellas Verona at Fiorentina – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN+).

Lecce at Cagliari – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN+).

Sampdoria at Udinese – 1:30 PM EST (ESPN+).

AC Milan at Napoli – 3:45 PM EST (ESPN+).

AC Milan and Napoli are playing for sixth place.  Whoever wins moves into that spot.  That is the last place for Europa League qualifying for next season, so plenty is at stake in this match.  

The other important matches in the standings consist of games that are impactful to the relegation zone.  Last place SPAL is going up against 18th place Genoa.  Genoa is one point behind Lecce, who is playing at Cagliari.  If SPAL loses, then they will more than likely be relegated.  

  • Question of

    Genoa or SPAL?

    • Genoa
    • SPAL
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Parma or Bologna?

    • Parma
    • Bologna
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Fiorentina or Hellas Verona?

    • Fiorentina
    • Hellas Verona
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Cagliari or Lecce?

    • Cagliari
    • Lecce
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Udinese or Sampdoria?

    • Udinese
    • Sampdoria
    • Park the bus! (Draw)
  • Question of

    Napoli or AC Milan?

    • Napoli
    • AC Milan
    • Park the bus! (Draw)


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