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Scottish citizen wear 15 t-shirts to save the luggage rent

Suppose you arrived at the check desk on the go and know that your luggage is more than the maximum so what would you do? Either you have to pay some money or leave the goods.

Jon Aron, a Scotland citizen, has brought a unique and surprising solution to this problem, On the check-in desk, Jones was told that their luggage exceeded the limit with 4kg, for which the extra rent is to be paid.

Jon refused to give extra money and produce a separate solution, he wore 4 kg of garments on the current clothes , The weather temperature was 30 degrees centigrade at the time of Jon wearing additional clothes.

Jon’s son recorded his video for wearing his clothes and post on Twitter. The 17-year-old young man said they were returning home, the woman on the counter asked him to pay extra weight On this, father told the lady to see now and then start wearing t-shirt over the cloths.

Security officials also took a thorough search of Jon and thought that they want to smuggle some things under the clothes, however, finally they managed to save the weight rent and seated in airplane.

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  1. I actually met someone who wore over 15 items of clothing on a Russian plane. When she she went to the loo on the plane she had to ask for assistance from the hostess to undo the zip…

    It was her only way she could travel, she was English.

  2. I am sorry that they no longer let anyone bring at least 2 suitcases. I have to pack the last of what I owned in one suitcase when I relocated from Latvia back to the US and I had to pay extra because this was the last of my belonging from my past life.

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