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Saying No To Single Use Plastic Bottle Challenge.

First of all, this is not a photo challenge. Rather this is a challenge for myself in order to help lessen the garbage caused by single-use plastics.

This is actually my second post about single-use plastics. My first post was Saying No To Plastic Straws.

Another main culprit for the increasing global plastic waste problem is single-use plastic bottles. Namely, the plastic bottles for the purified water and lately bottled juice sodas, energy drinks and many more.

Most of the drinkable products these days are packed in plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are cheaper to produce. They are more convenient to carry because they are light. Plus they are safer too since they don’t break and shatter when you drop them.

Though these bottles can be reused and/or recycled. Most of these are thrown away right after they are emptied. Some of these discarded bottles end up in the garbage dump, some end in the oceans. Worse, (I’m not proud to say this), in a place like ours, many citizens are not disciplined enough and just throw these plastic bottles carelessly on the streets, clogging the drainage systems. The result… flood!


Since most of the products, these days are packed in plastic bottles, it seems quite impossible to totally avoid using them. However, we can always think of some ways to minimize their use.

Personally here are some of the simple things I do to avoid buying products in a plastic bottle.

1. Instead of frequently buying bottled water, I use a reusable water bottle and refill it with purified water.

2. In recent years, both Coke and Pepsi and other companies started selling their drink products (including energy drinks) in plastic bottles. Lately, I started to avoid buying their products contained in plastic bottles. As much as possible I buy their products in a bottle which I can return when empty.

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    Do you always buy drink products contained in plastic bottles?

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    Will you say no or at least avoid buying products in plastic bottles?

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