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Royal Palm And The Sky ~ Nature Tuesday

When the emptiness above is filled with clouds, the clouds have been filled with emptiness even though they are still called clouds, whether in white, gray, or dark. Likewise, when emptiness is filled by the royal palm tree, the emptiness also fills it up, and still, it is called the royal palm.

Imagine the sky on a sunny spring morning, which will soon come to many of you, the sky is completely empty, clear, and fresh. It’s alive, even though there’s nothing there. Why do I say emptiness up there? Because even though there are words to call it, and our eyes can see it, we also know that there is nothing there.

Again, there is the same paradox that we talked about before. The sky is felt simultaneously as presence and absence. There is a feeling of inexplicable absence and presence, emptiness and fullness. Even though sky cannot be a perfect analogy, because it is usually regarded as something “out there,” separate from the perceiver, but if we are able to see it and realize it without being limited by such subject-object relations, that “It” is here, both inside and outside our physical form, the feelings inside and outside that come as a result of confession will disappear.  The loss of feeling indicates enough that a certain level of consciousness has passed right through everything. This analogy of the empty sky illustrates the nature of consciousness. Awareness is the “it” that is here.

Different but similar, like coffee, juice, beer, cola, tea, and other drinks, if we can pull it out – filtering – to free – all the elements that make up the taste and name of the various types of those drinks, we have made it or returned it to water. Like the sky, Consciousness is empty of all forms, but forms appear and disappear in them. Like the sky, Consciousness lives with what can be called “Life,” but Life is invisible and without substance.

  • Is it possible for us to distill all of our thoughts and feelings to be pure?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Is it important and interesting to realize Life awareness with what is commonly called Life?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I feel seeing nature it gives me peace. Emptiness, no. The emptiness within me is absence of anything else but what I focus my thoughts on at the time.
    The reason why I feel peaceful about doing yoga, tai chi or pilates or even seeing nature around me is that I am focused on that and not on having to be on time or think about any problem.

  2. Filter out the things that make taste.

    Can we consider then each element of the flavor? Perhaps take pineapple juice. If the pineapple is ripe, then it sweet with the alluring flavor of pineapple. But in order to make the juice sometimes, we have pineapples that are not ripe. So there is in our juice a tart taste as well.

    When our palettes have been educated we can taste the sweet and the tart at the same time. As children, of course, we spit out the juice if it is too tart. As adults, we consider that fresh.

    Is that enough of a separation? Or should we return to the child=like innocence of seeking only the sweet juice?

  3. I often feel a presence while observing a sunset or just looking up at the sky. Also while watching the stars, that also can bring a warm presence. It is a good thing which I always embrace. I might not be able to explain it but I know something or someone is there in some form.

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