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Rosemaru plant – values.

Robin Biznis November 30.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

On the last day of November and in my garden I take a photo of Rosemarie blossoms.So a few words about its benefit to our body. It is a perennial plant.Rosmarinus officinalis,(lat), known as rosemary, is a woody, herb, with fragrant, needle-like leaves, and various flower colors.-It is used in cooking especially for various types of roast meat.- Rosemary improves blood circulation.-Easy to digest- Promotes hair growth- Strengthens the immune system- It helps calm and relaxes the mind and body.-It works anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue and anti-stress.Because of all those qualities, I always have him in the garden.It is easy to grow from a single twig that is kept in damp sand for ten days and then transferred to a permanent place in the garden.You can use it in food, drink it as a mild tea, then it raises blood pressure.And as an essential oil, Mosquitoes just don’t like his aroma.

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