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Rosemaru plant – values.

Robin Biznis November 30.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

On the last day of November and in my garden I take a photo of Rosemarie blossoms.So a few words about its benefit to our body. It is a perennial plant.Rosmarinus officinalis,(lat), known as rosemary, is a woody, herb, with fragrant, needle-like leaves, and various flower colors.-It is used in cooking especially for various types of roast meat.- Rosemary improves blood circulation.-Easy to digest- Promotes hair growth- Strengthens the immune system- It helps calm and relaxes the mind and body.-It works anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue and anti-stress.Because of all those qualities, I always have him in the garden.It is easy to grow from a single twig that is kept in damp sand for ten days and then transferred to a permanent place in the garden.You can use it in food, drink it as a mild tea, then it raises blood pressure.And as an essential oil, Mosquitoes just don’t like his aroma.

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    • This herb is about 5 years old and is still blooming even though it is late November.
      It has lilac flowers.
      Next year, I intend to make another 5 young seedlings.
      People at the markets sell it, It’s their extra profit.

    • I’m a little surprised, so famous herb at least in Europe.
      Although I don’t know where you live. Maybe it doesn’t grow there.
      At our wedding party, we wander around in suits with a sprig of Rosemary.
      That’s the custom.
      You can learn a lot from me when God gave me this many years of life.

        • Hello, I didn’t know you live in Kenya.
          It may even be able to manage the heat there, the Mediterranean climate. Naturally in Kenya at least 1000 meters above sea level.
          If you have plant nurseries there, you can ask if Rosemary can thrive on yours.

          • Here the heat is too much. It can be as 40 degrees Celsius as is the case now.
            I will ask. With such benefits it deserves a place in our lives.


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