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Role ~ Color Crazy Challenge

Yellow or green? What is the most dominant color in this picture? If I call yellow, yellow there seems to be only a background player, but if I say green, the avocado is the only one outside of a few apples at the bottom. So, who is the subject? After all, all of them are in the same basket.

That’s the reason I’m delaying sharing this picture. It feels better if I post it at a transition time like today for Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge.

Yes, of course, I only play with words, but it seems like that kind of thing happens in our lives, right? It seems that we are often confused to see or determine who and what is most important in our lives. Sometimes those who are ahead, or so close to us, can have less influence on our lives than those who are more distant. Sometimes, those we consider important actually disappoint and have a bad influence or disrupt our harmony. While those who appear to be just background players are loyal and inspiring supporters.

On the other hand, sometimes we are also confused, whether we have had a great impact on someone or something. Sometimes we also think about whether we are background players or precisely the main cast of something.

Well, I think life has given us so many roles, both the main role, supporting actors, background actors, substitute casts, or just a variety of contributors behind the scenes. All of these roles we get without casting, and (often) also without consent, and we don’t even want it. In the end, we just need to enjoy all the roles and play with the best in every role we play. The best player, in many cases, does not mean good characters or heroes because it depends entirely on the story. The rest, let the audience, the universe, judge our role play.

I think it’s the best choice, at least for me, and therefore, I don’t decide this is a yellow or green post but both.

  • Question of

    Do you realize your roles in life?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Have you played in all roles like superstars?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I think its impossible to focus on all roles. Some roles just have to take 2nd or 3rd or 4th … for me, I prioritised some roles and try to do well in them first …

    Trying to do too much at once, you might end up with nothing done :p

    • In fact, there are far more roles that we don’t know more than we know. So, yes, we just need to focus on the main role that is most important for our lives. But there’s no need to be surprised if one day you find out or realize, in any way, that you have a role in someone’s life or have an impact on something, positive or negative. Also, there is no need to get carried away too much if we think that our unconscious role has a negative impact because it is just another part of its twin.

  2. I never interfered in foreign life, and I did not even like that anyone in my … if I could help myself, I was not interested in another, and still do not … I live my life and if I do not like it, I can leave it with peace .. I say that I never listened to the decision was always mine …. that’s why I also give you the choice whether the picture is in yellow or green … every one is something

  3. It is very black and white to me, the green is dominant in color and in the positioning as well. It represents the Golden Harmony, taking up approximately 1/3 of the space in a position 1/3 from the top and 2/3 from the left. Spot on. The yellow may occupy more space but it is muted in color and serves in a supporting role.

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