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Robert Seethaler: A Whole Life

Another small-scale book that intruded into my inside with its melancholy mood. I would say slowly, calmly, but in a way that makes it sound unforgettable.

You know, if I were a professional critic, I would probably have seen “All Life” with a completely different eye, but today, I look at this book with my own worldview and I hear silence when I listen to my inner voice. And not because there is nothing to say, but because sometimes silence goes far beyond words.

The book is the story of one person’s life. The twists and turns of his destiny, choices, fear, love, loneliness. The author skillfully and famously interweaves the protagonist’s life and historical timer into one line. It also paints a picture of the changing nature, the power of mountains. 

And the main character’s love for the mountains is sublime. He finds peace in them, dares to dream, to plan, even when sadness and the pain of life seem to haunt him for the rest of his life. Nature heals the wounds of the human soul and is of immense importance in human life, so for me as a nature lover, it was wonderful to read and feel the intertwining cry of nature and man.

The author talks about very serious matters in the book, and there is no shortage of life’s cruelty, but his writing style is calm. And certainly, it is! While you read about sad things, you do it subtly calmly.

After reading the book, I reaffirm the importance of giving food and knowledge to my inner self. And as I’ve written many times, after every book that speaks between lines, you realize that you start to appreciate life from a slightly different angle.

Is this a book for every reader? Really so! Only I do not know if all will enjoy it equally? I guess not because we are all very different and that is very good! But if you feel you want a deep and meaningful time, don’t wait!

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